How the Structure of Your Company Plays a Role in Valuation during Separation or Divorce

By Ryan Pearson

Being a small business owner can be complicated if you are going through a separation or divorce. It can be difficult to value an unincorporated small business, which includes sole proprietorships, partnership interests, and professional practices. The valuation process is sometimes more complex than valuing a small business that is incorporated. The principle that governs […]

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Succession Planning

By Laurel Hubber, M.ED., MBA, FEA

Do you have next gens (i.e. a son or daughter) working in the business with you? Do you have aspirations (secret or otherwise) that one day the business will transition to them? If so, are you doing what needs to be done to set them up for success? There are a number of challenges that […]

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Are You Ready To Sell Your Business?

By Bruce R Horsley HBE, CPA, CA, CBV

The process to sell a business moves along at a reasonably fast pace. It is wise to make certain the business is ready to sell before you announce to the potential buyers your business is actually up for sale. Buyer Research. You need to determine which type of buyer will pay the highest price and […]

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Six Tips For Grooming Your Successor

By Business Development Bank of Canada

If you plan on selling your business to a family member or manager, it’s vital to groom your successor for a smooth transition. A poorly prepared successor can jeopardize your business legacy and imperil the value you get from the sale. That’s especially true if you help finance the sale with vendor financing. If the […]

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Business Succession – Where Do I Start?

By Paul Stringer, CPA, CA, FEA

When Family Enterprise Advisors and other Business Transition Consultants talk to the owners of even very small businesses, the question asked of them is usually something like this: “I know I should be starting to plan the transition of my business but I don’t know where to start and I don’t know where I’ll find […]

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